This is what we do

Portsmouth Sail Training Trust

We use sail training as a method of raising the aspirations of young people through their teenage years.  Our training is both on the water and on dry land and results in the growth of confidence, teamwork and leadership skills whilst gaining valuable qualifications to enhance their careers.


Raise aspirations for inner city young people


Enable young people to actively participate in the regeneration of our community


Broaden Horizons – for inner city young people

  • Enable inner city young people to achieve their full potential
  • Build young people’s self confidence, develop self esteem and facilitate self management.
  • Provide opportunities enabling greater achievement through participation in sailing and boating.

Learn Life Skills

  • Use marine skills and sail training to build resilience, personal responsibility and positive attitudes
  • Develop the skills and character traits to have a tangible impact on life chances – such as leadership, diligence, team building and problem solving to have a tangible impact on educational results
  • Enable achievement of practical recognised qualifications to improve employment prospects
  • Provide guidance towards gainful employment in the local community and marine sector

Instill Values

  • To instill strong values to enable young people to be successful adults.

Values include: Honesty, Integrity and Trust.

Develop Character Traits

  • Improve life chances and opportunities to succeed
  • PSTT key character traits we encourage and reward include:

    • Resilience / determination / courage
    • Positive attitudes
    • Diligence / hard work
    • Showing interest / keen to learn
    • Willing to contribute / participate
    • Taking initiative
    • Supportive and motivate others


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