Here is what some of our young people say…….

Today I felt really nervous and excited at the same time. I really enjoyed going on the net at the front of the boat because it helped my self-confidence and also helped me learn a bit more about boats. I really enjoyed today because it taught me something

Katie. Year group 7

When I left School I felt a bit nervous but as soon as I got on the boat it boosted my confidence up. I had fun because me and Leanne drove the boat off the dock so we could start sailing. I would do this again because it was a great experience although we got wet because of the rain.

Kirsty. Year group 8

The trip today on the boat was a good experience as we learned how the boat works and how to drive it. Before I went on the boat I was a bit nervous as I did not know much however the skipper helped us all to be confident on the water. This trip has made me feel more confident about going on boats and on the water. I would like to go on another trip as it was a great experience as well as being enjoyable.

Jordan. Year group 10

Before we went sailing I felt scared however when we got on the water I started to enjoy it because we learnt something new and I found pulling up the sails fun.

Josh. Year group 9

When I first went on the boat I was excited and nervous but it helped that we got to steer the boat, go out to the front and climb a massive ladder. It was amazing and we all had a great day.

Courtney. Year group 7

Before I went on the boat I was nervous but now I feel great. This is because I was on a boat for the first time and it was awesome. I have learnt some steering skills and rope skills. I would like to thank everybody for that trip. It was AWESOME…….

Wojciech. Year group 8

Before we left to go on the sailing trip I was anxious because I had never been to sea on a sailing boat before. When we were there I felt it was a very nice job to do, everything needs a team of people to do it and there are people who will help you and look after you. I really enjoyed climbing the ladder and steering the boat into the dock. Now that I am back I feel it was an awesome trip and a really great way to get people to work together and next time it would be even better if I could bring a friend along

Luke. Year 7

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