Electronics, power and communications are the fastest growing businesses in the super yacht industry. This Industry moves faster than most and the UK and Portsmouth have always been at the forefront of new development. Even on the older or more traditional vessels we use the latest technology for our navigation, weather and routing among other things. Ships can stay still in mid ocean using laser guided controls. On modern yachts the latest ideas and most up to date materials are used to give safety, speed, comfort and reliability.

We will teach the use of the hardware and software on board our vessels.

All class A vessels (commercial shipping) by law use a system called AIS (Automatic Identification System). We use the same system on our ‘class B’ sail training vessels, this allows you to look at a vessel’s position from the internet. You can see the voyage details of the vessel and the speed and direction it is travelling. This is a great tool for us to use at sea and informative to those on land.

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