We provide ‘Safe, Stretching, accomplishment’ and a wealth of certified qualifications in Maritime Training that are looked for by many employers.


Whether it is Navigation, Boat-handling, Sailing, engineering or first aid, the skills learnt at a young age are invaluable for life.

Learning new Skills is challenging and rewarding. From the ‘fear of the unknown’ to the confidence to handle a boat under sail or power in a short time is achievable.

The Marine Industry is a major employer in our region and there are lots of different jobs available for Young people with good ethics and training. Portsmouth Sail Training Trust is working to help our local Young people to work in the Industry.

We are building great relationships with local and National employers to help our Young people find work locally and break a cycle of long term unemployment in our City.

The RYA has been working for over fifty years to set the world standard in marine qualifications. We are proud to be associated with them and will keep up their high standards.


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