Seeking Volunteers For “Girls Afloat”

“Girls Afloat” is a project I am running within PSTT, to show females that they are capable of achieving careers and taking part in marine-based events just as well as males do.

The project’s mission is to achieve 15 (3 hour) sessions in 14 weeks, to prepare 2-6 female young people to sail in the Squib fleet at Cowes Week 2016.

I am in need of female volunteers to assist the tuition of these young sailors, who can commit their time to Tuesday afternoons/evenings from 12th April 2016 to 2nd August 2016.

If you are interested please send me an email at


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    seoportsmouth - 11th January 2017


    Is there any events coming up for 2017 yet?

    Thanks a lot


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