Refit work and power boat courses

We currently have our new squib ‘Little Cracker’ and Alexander Fairey 3 in the oil ¬†store space we have been kindly lent to help our winter refit work. All Crews are lending a hand in preparing, sanding, masking, painting varnishing, cleaning and everything else that goes towards our hands on roles and experience. Little cracker is now red with painted grey decks and hers and AF3’s rubbing strake are both receiving multiple coats of varnish.

We are coming to an end of our shorebased winter programme and along with handing out of certificates also means we are planning our on the water activities. Our partnership with Hardway sailing club is progressing well and will go to help our Crews achieve RYA keelboat qualifications. We have also just facilitated day one of Powerboat level one and two for two of our Crews who met instructor Paul on a cold, fresh Saturday morning in Gunwharf quays and got straight into multiple layers to help survive the building north easterly breeze. Both crews preformed superbly and with a warming hot chocolate break at midday, grew better through out with glowing reports on improvements, performance and attitude which we are proud to report made for a great day for instructor Paul also.

Our Crews are also progressing with the St Ayles skiffs with more planks going on by the day and they are really starting to look like boats now and the skills that the crews have been practicing are coming into fruition. John and the IBTC volunteers have been fantastic sharing skills with patience and proving the two generations can easily be bridged working towards a mutual goal.

The first aid crew on Tuesdays have two more sessions before completion and have really mastered the subject as well as being a pleasure to instruct so although we hope they never have to put their newly found skills to the test, they are armed with the knowledge to now be that useful person in a medical emergency on board or ashore.

Our Arts foundation crew are now coming into their own with fantastic ideas and creativity flowing between them and with a project in the pipeline that they are planning a pitch for I will hopefully report success for them next month with details of what’s in store.

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