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Portsmouth Sail Training Trust works with local schools to raise the aspirations of young people from disadvantaged and socially deprived areas around Portsmouth.

Using the many unique benefits provided by sail training, PSTT provides a fun way for young people to broaden their horizons, develop essential life skills, such as teamwork and communication, as well as practical skills and career enhancing qualifications.   

The PSTT programme runs weekly throughout the year in parallel with the school curriculum and within a few weeks of starting schools see significant changes in behavior.  PSTT has schools queuing up to enroll their pupils in the programme.  

PSTT Personal Sponsorship Scheme package £1,000 will sponsor one young person for an entire year on the PSTT programme

Your sponsorship will enable each young person to complete, over a number of years, their RYA Introduction to Yachting, RYA Seamanship and Navigation, RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance, RYA First Aid, City and Guilds Food Hygiene and Arts Council film making qualifications.  

Your participation in the scheme will help them learn essential life skills such as teamwork, communicating with a wide range of people and taking responsibility. Many of the young people when they start at PSTT have no idea what they will do with their lives and often there’s no one at home with a job or career.  Within a few weeks many are already talking about their aspirations for the future.

Personal Sponsors will have the opportunity to follow PSTT Young People’s progress through regular news letters, social media updates and open days. You will also be invited to exclusive PSTT activities.

Please help us continue to make a difference by signing up now.

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