Oarsome Obstacle Course at PlayZone

PSTT entered 15 of their young people into a competitive indoor rowing challenge, hosted by Oarsome Chance and PlayZone Cosham on Wednesday 15th February. The PSTT team were competing against teams from King Richard’s school in Paulsgrove and Wecock Farm in Waterlooville.


Each team had two Concept 2 rowing machines and they had to complete 20 minutes of rowing, with each person rowing for no more than 2 minutes. After each person had their turn at rowing, they had to complete the obstacle course, which went up the stairs, down the rainbow slide, through the rope walk ways, down the pads, back up the stairs and either to the very steep red slide or the slightly less-scary blue slide. The winning team was determined by the total of metres rowed in 20 minutes on both of their rowing machines.


The challenge was very active and physically demanding and by the end of the evening, everyone was exhausted. Despite coming second to the team from King Richard’s school, our team left with smiles on their faces and ready for a rematch!



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