Laura’s Yacht Delivery: Majorca – Gran Canaria

In October/November 2016 I was lucky enough to crew on the delivery of an Oyster 625 (62ft sailing yacht) called “Black Lion” from Palma, Majorca to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, stopping at Gibraltar on the way. In total there were 5 people on the boat including myself, the skipper, Rory, and three other crew; Adrian, Ralph and Ed. We slipped lines from Palma on 3rd November and began to head South West through the Mediterranean towards Gibraltar, carrying out a watch system of 3 hours on and 4.5 hours off. The wind was just off our bow which meant we spent most part of the journey motor sailing, although there were no complaints as the sun was out and there were plenty of dolphins along the way.


After 3 days, we arrived in Gibraltar and stayed for a day to carry out repairs and maintenance, to stock up on our food and drink, and see the rock of Gibraltar, its monkeys, and some incredible views of Spain and Africa.  The following morning, we began the second leg of the delivery, leaving the straights of Gibraltar to sail in the Atlantic towards the Canaries. At this point the wind was behind us so we were able to set up the boat to goose-wing and use the engine less. The clear sky and stars whilst night sailing, dolphins every day, beautiful sun rises and sun sets made this an incredible experience for us all.


After 4 1/2 days, we arrived in Las Palmas and I stayed for a couple more days to carry out more maintenance and prepare the boat to participate in the ARC (Atlantic Ralley Crossing) with 250 other boats from around the world. I then flew back home on 14th November.


I had an amazing experience and had completed a total of 1,250 nautical miles, which will help me achieve more sailing qualifications including RYA Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean, and to complete more yacht deliveries in the future.

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    Sue Davis - 3rd April 2017

    Having sailed an Oyster 406 with my husband only in the 2006 ARC and lived on her for five years in the Eastern Caribbean I can understand your feelings and wish you all the best in the future There is nothing to compare with sailing and do continue

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