Food & Hygiene at sea

Working in a galley

A kitchen is known as a galley on a boat.

It has never been more important than now to learn about nutrition and how to cook. Cooking on a boat takes more thought and preparation. You must work in a confined space with limited facilities to produce something that generally would be needed to keep a hungry crew sailing through the night.

The main differences between cooking on a boat and at home are:

  • The motion of the boat
  • Not being able to go to the shop quickly if you have forgotten anything
  • Warm temperatures of cooking in a confined space
  • Having to keep the boat open or closed depending on whether it is winter or summer
  • Limited space, water and appliances


You have only what you are able to carry aboard along with all the other equipment needed to stay on the boat.

What all this teaches is the ability to plan adapt and cope.

We will give all our trainees the opportunity to get the HSE basic food hygiene certificate


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