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Welcome to the Portsmouth Sail Training Trust (PSTT).  As a Trust we all share a passion for raising aspirations for young people.  We firmly believe that every young person deserves to be the best that they can be, no matter what start they have in life. We work with them on an ongoing basis through their developing years to enable them to become fulfilled and successful members of the community. Our place at the heart of the regeneration of Portsmouth is exemplified by our home at centre of the Portsmouth waterfront, working with our partners to drive the future success of our community.

Raising Aspirations   

We find that sail training, boating and learning marine skills is a great platform for raising aspirations.  It is an environment where everyone has to take personal responsibility, both for themselves and for others.  A boat requires everyone to work together in a variety of challenging conditions, as a team, to ensure safety and success.  It is a place where strong values are formed and developed,  integrity, enthusiasm, commitment, to name but three.  It is an environment where a wide variety of skills are built, both sailing and practical.

Sustained Engagement

The development of the skills and values, over a sustained period of years,  are key foundation stones to life fulfilment, both personal and career.  Employers are seeking to work with young people who have strong foundations, coupled with enthusiasm and potential, that can be nurtured and grown through the years in business, for the benefit of both the individual and the local community.

We know that each young person is unique and has amazing potential to achieve. We also know that both the achievements, and the path for each person, is different and needs nurturing through a number of years.  It is like lighting a log fire, at first we use paper and kindling,  then sticks and branches before finally a roaring log fire is burning.  Likewise young people need careful nurturing and development over a sustained period to enable them to have foundations that will robustly underpin success in adulthood.  At each stage they will encounter obstacles and challenges, however with sustained engagement with PSTT with a strong values and mutual support they are armed with a tool set that will see them through most of life’s challenges.

Energy and Enthusiasm

Our experience is that sail training is a powerful environment for enriching young lives.  Time and time again,  we see the enthusiasm, commitment and excitement leading to a growing sense of confidence and fulfilment.  A glance at our testimonials page provides an insight into how our young people feel about sail training. The energy and enthusiasm generated is a privilege to witness.

Enhancing Prospects

Sail training as a young person enriches life as they move to adulthood.  The prospects for the future for an inner city young person are significantly enhanced.  Breaking a repeated cycle of unemployment or unfulfilling jobs may seem ambitious, however it is real and it is tangible.  We work with a diverse variety of young people.  What unites them all is such a rich pool of potential. How could we not take responsibility for enabling each young person to be the best they can be?


On the journey with PSTT our young people achieve a variety of commercially recognised qualifications from organisations including the RYA (Royal Yachting Association), HSE (Healty & Safety Executive), ITBC (International Boatbuilding Training College) and the British Arts Foundation.  Awards include a variety of activities, including  first aid, food hygiene, navigation and diesel maintenance.

These practical qualifications have enormous impact creating a sense of personal achievement as well as providing a host of transferable skills.  The combination of tangible qualifications, character and personal skills sets them up for their future in the workplace.

Regenerating Our City

Developing career potential from a young age is a strong motivator in much of the feedback we receive. For this reason In PSTT we partner with key employers (large and small) in the area. We work with them to provide apprenticeship and work experience opportunities. For an employer a young person who has a positive track record over a number of years with the PSTT is a huge advantage.  The employer gets to know the young people and their skills and attributes. Why would they risk employing just from an interview process when they can get so much better quality at a lower risk from partnering with PSTT?  Our programme is tailored and regularly updated to ensure that we meet the needs of employers.

Inner City Schools

We partner with inner city schools. We started working with Charter Academy and now work with Trafalgar, St Edmunds and Milton Cross. All schools are situated in a one of the most deprived inner city environments.  The schools know however, that success is not built on exam results alone,  and that by partnering with PSTT, aspirations are turned into realities.  Based on these firm foundations the PSTT will grow across the City reaching an ever larger population.

Strong Partnerships

Our place at the heart of the regeneration of Portsmouth is exemplified by our home in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.  This comes from strong partnerships with many organisations including:  The Royal Navy, the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust,  the International Boatbuilding Training College, HMS Warrior and BAE.  Together with these and other partners we are building the future of our City.

Get Involved

Please do take the time to look around our website,  we trust it inspires you to come an get involved!  Together we can raise the aspirations of young people to make a real difference for the future success of our community.

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