PSTT Impacts

PSTT Impacts on young lives

Life skills and well being

PSTT recognises that sailing has many benefits for promoting health and well-being.  It enhances social and communication skills, listening and learning. Going afloat requires physical co-ordination, dealing with the implications of nature (sea, wind and tides), awareness and responsibility for others safety. And it’s not just about learning to sail!

Turning_The_St_Ayles_Skiff_PSTT_IBTCPSTT works with many local training partners, such as the IBTC (International Boat Building College) Portsmouth and Oarsome Chance.  Our pupils learn to build St Ayles rowing skiffs, from scratch, and then learn how to row them.

Practical learning

Learning the skills required for sailing safely, handling powerboats, navigation, boat building and engine maintenance has a positive impact.  Young people learn the application of core STEM subjects in a fun, non-classroom environment.  Maths, science, geography and IT are all essential applied skills when you learn to maintain, build and navigate boats around the oceans.

Recognised Qualifications

In the two academic years Sept ’14 to Aug ’16 over 240 qualifications have been awarded across the 64 young people who regularly attend PSTT’s programme.

PSTT qualification instil sense of achievementThere is a huge sense of achievement when the succeed.  Plus, they gain a host of useful qualifications with transferable skills which includes:

  • RYA Seamanship and Navigation
  • RYA Powerboat Level 1 & 2
  • IBTC (Int. Boat Building Training College) Boat Building Level 1 & 2
  • RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance
  • RYA First Aid
  • RYA Start Yachting, RYA Competent Crew
  • HSE Food Hygiene
  • British Arts Foundation Arts Awards – Bronze & Silver

Behavioural Impacts

Our schools report significant improvements in pupil attendance rates, behaviors, attitude and results. This is coming as a direct consequence of the pupils involvement.

“The students who have been involved in the PSTT Sail Training programme to date are incredibly positive about their experiences.  You are offering them the opportunity to succeed in an area that they may never have had an opportunity to explore, which really is priceless.

I am noticing a difference in their levels of confidence and have no doubt that this programme is raising their aspirations, which is obviously the main aim.”

Gemma Pearse, Assistant Headteacher, Trafalgar School

Workplace Experience

As they reach school leaving age, we seek to help our young people into careers in the marine industry, with local businesses or as trainees and apprentices within PSTT.  We have a number of young people who are starting out in the marine sector, and have had work experience with BAE, the RC44 race circuit and The DryStack at Trafalgar Whard. We are seeking business partners who are looking for young people, who are ready to start an effective apprenticeship. If you can help please contact Carolyn Phillips.

See how Joe has already made an exciting step into the diving industry.




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